About MI Technologies, Inc.

MI Technologies, Inc.

MI Technologies, Inc.’s mission is to disrupt supply chains with innovative solutions in manufacturing and logistics.

MI Technologies, Inc. is a global technology company with 20 years of experience in multiple sectors in manufacturing, supply chain management, logistics, and e-commerce. As an e-commerce leader, MI Technologies, Inc. has thrived with a software-driven business model, while seamlessly integrating hardware for manufacturing and logistics. 

What MI Technologies, Inc. is doing today to manufacture personal protective equipment in the United States:

Technicians working on our automated mask making machines in San Diego, CA, USA

MI Technologies, Inc. is committed to bringing essential products manufacturing back to the United States. The US is the leader in quality standards around the world for products like PPE and we gladly take on this challenge to produce the highest quality products using US Manufacturing Standards at prices that remain competitive in the global market.

We are adding to the overall stock of PPE in the US!

PPE produced in the US significantly reduces the need for transportation and shipping from overseas as well as lead-time to manufacture, an advantage for all US-based manufacturers needing essential goods in a timely manner. US manufacturing of these products also greatly reduces our need to import life saving equipment during a time of war or war with a pandemic where each country will enforce duties, taxes, and export restrictions to favor their own citizens.

Producing PPE products on-shore and in the United States gives us the advantage of quick product development and the ability to iterate swiftly in a changing environment. If any regulations or standards change, MI Technologies, Inc. is able to quickly meet those requirements to meet the market's demand rather than relying on the producers overseas to follow guidelines in the manufacturing process with little oversight.

MI Technologies, Inc. prides itself in it’s LEAN Manufacturing expertise with Just in Time (JIT) product flow in order to reduce waste and quickly adjust to market demand.  MI Technologies, Inc. and its subsidiaries around the globe have extensive manufacturing and logistics experience under LEAN, Six Sigma, ISO, CTPAT, and OEA certifications and operate under USMC Trade Regulations (Formerly NAFTA).  We pride ourselves in continuous improvement in all of our manufacturing, sales, service, and logistics infrastructure.


Lutema is the PPE brand for Made in the USA masks—you can now purchase Lutema products directly from lutema.com


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